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Hudson's Bay Post sent word to the Indians that
he was corning over to visit them* The Suksise-
oketuk told us that he was going to tell us about
the white man's Wahkantonka^ his Great Spirit*

When they received this news of the coming of
the minister, all of the Indians painted their faces
and put on all of their best medicine clothes. The
medicine-man got out his drum, and soon we
were all ready to receive him.

When we saw the minister corning., the medi-
cine-man started to pound his tom-tom and sing
one of his medicine songs; for he thought that
would please the visitor who represented the white
man's 'medicine5 and Great Spirit. Our chief
went out and met the minister and shook his hand3
and then he took him over to meet our minister,,,
the medicine-man.

After they shook handss the minister made a
speech. He told our medicine-man that he was
preaching something not worth while. He said:

£I didn't mean for you people to fix up like this;
I meant for you to wash the paint off your faces
and put your medicine drums away. There Is
only one God In Heaven, and I am here to tell
you about Him/

Indians never interrupt any one when he is talk-
Ing, even if he should talk all day—that is an
ancient courtesy among all Indians—so every one
stood and listened to the minister while he told us